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Looking for a better night's sleep? Look no further. Here at Levin's we offer quality mattresses at affordable prices. From Grand Legacy® to Tempurpedic®, we have the brands you are looking for. Shop our selection by brand, type or comfort below.

Levin Mattress Center

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How to Choose the Best Mattress for You

Think about how important your mattress is – a good night’s rest is dependent on it! If you are questioning the comfortableness of your current mattress, it may be time for a new one. Below are some tips to help get you started if you’re looking for a new mattress.

Many people ask themselves: How do I choose the best mattress? Choosing the best mattress relies on many factors: your sleep habits, your bedroom layout, specific needs (i.e. back pain) and more. Whether you are shopping for a bedroom set or just a mattress, we have tips to help you choose a mattress for your best sleep yet! Start your mattress search by following this list:

  1. Assess your current mattress: What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Make a list of the most important attributes you want for your next mattress.
  2. Research: Check out the different types of mattresses that are out there. If you are interested in a memory foam mattress, remember that you do not need a box spring because this type of mattress works best on a hard foundation.
  3. Try mattresses out: Visit Levin Mattress and test out your pick of brand name mattresses. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you with your mattress search.