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Home Office Hints:
Do's and Don'ts for Designing a Functional Home Office Space

Every workspace needs a measure of inspiration, especially a home office. Whether you've got a dedicated room or a corner of the den, these tips will help you maximize your time and increase productivity.

DO invest in a good chair. While style is important, consider comfort, support and ergonomics when choosing your office chair.

DON'T skimp on office furniture. Invest in your workspace furnishings and you'll enjoy greater comfort, style and durability.

DO prioritize storage. Find a storage system that works for you (binders, boxes, filing cabinets) and work the system. Use a label maker to keep things organized.

DO look for smart office furniture. Choose pieces with integrated cord management, device storage and charging stations, whenever possible.

DON'T work without ceasing. Build breaks into your daily schedule. Get up and walk around, stretch your body and rest your eyes. It will benefit you immediately and in the long term.

DO take control of email. Limit checking your inbox to once every hour or two. Answering individual emails as they arrive breaks your momentum and keeps you from focusing on the task at hand.

DO consider a standing home office desk. There are a variety of innovative desk models with motorized lift mechanisms that easily transition from sitting to standing positions.

DON'T forget lighting. Combine overhead, task and natural lighting to create an inviting space that promotes productivity.

DO use color to your advantage. If your workday is stressful and tense, choose a peaceful relaxing wall color. Need an energy boost or source of creativity and motivation? Try paint or decorating with fresh, clean hues.

Remember, your home office is for you. Create an environment that allows you to focus on your work in a relaxing, stress-free way. Shop our selection of home office furniture to gather inspiration for your workspace.