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Kids Furniture

At Levin’s our kid-friendly bedroom furniture is designed to grow with your toddlers, your teens – and every one in between. We have a wide variety of bunk beds, twin beds, loft beds, and more that have been expertly crafted for your child’s room. Below are a few commonly asked questions and answers to help guide you when shopping for a bunk bed.

The Bunk Bed Basics

Let’s answer a few questions you may have about bunk beds before purchasing. First, do bunk beds require special mattresses? Yes and no. Usually a twin size mattress, that is no more than six inches high will work for bunk beds. If the mattress is thicker than the side rail, it will not work and your kid is at risk of falling out. Bunk bed mattresses are not the comfiest. If you are not satisfied with the mattress that comes with the bunk bed, you can purchase a higher quality mattress that will work with the bunk bed size.

This leads us to the next common question about bunk beds: do bunk beds use box springs? It is recommended that you do not use a box spring or any other foundation because the mattress will be elevated and surpass the side rail. Bunk beds have wood underneath the mattress to ensure the mattress stays in position, so there is really no need for a box spring. Now that you’ve learned about the mattress – bunk bed relationship, you are ready to surprise your kid with the bunk bed of their dreams!