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Recliners & Rockers

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A recliner will be your best friend after a long day on or off your feet. Studies show that recliners are the best way to relax after standing or sitting during the work day, so recliners are a healthy addition to your night time routine! Recliners are sold in multiple styles, including leather for a modern, sleek feel. There are also manual recliners and power recliners, both with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Difference between Manual and Power Recliners

A common question regarding recliners is, “What is the difference between a manual and power recliner?” We’ve laid out the pros and cons of both manual and power recliners to make the decision easier for you. Take a look at what we found:

Manual Recliner
  • Save power.
  • Place it anywhere in your room because it doesn’t need an outlet.
  • Not threatened by motor failure.
  • Manual movement to lay down and sit up.
  • Your body weight determines how you sit or lay, so you may not reach all potential angles.
  • Need strong leg strength to push the leg rest down.
Power Recliner
  • Some are made with rechargeable batteries, unless it uses rechargeable batteries.
  • Ease of laying down and sitting up.
  • Need to be near an outlet
  • It could experience motor failure after your warranty expires.