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Purchasing larger furniture or furnishing a new home is a big project, but choosing accent pieces to place throughout your home is fun! Changing seasons, moving or celebrating special occasions are all chances to create bold or relaxing accents. You can even interchange older accent pieces with new ones whenever you please!

At Levin’s, we have the perfect accents for any occasion, including ottomans, fireplaces, TV stands, media centers and bookcases. Accent tables, settees and benches are also great examples of smaller pieces you can buy to change up your space and have a big impact.

Choosing Accents for Your Home

It’s easy to transform a room into a dynamic space once you choose the accent color for a specific room. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself before deciding on an accent:

  1. What is the room’s purpose?
  2. How do you want to feel in that room?
  3. What colors exist in that room already?
  4. What areas of the room do you want to highlight with an accent color?

Once an accent is chosen, browse accent pieces in that color or shade! For some inspiration, neutral colors match fantastically with bold accent colors and vice versa with darker colored furniture with lighter accent colors. These choices should all be made based on personal preference and what will make you happy!