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Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Our stores aim to conserve energy and remain an environmentally responsible partner in each of our communities.

Levin’s continues to look for more and more ways to recycle and reduce energy consumption in our stores. We have already:

  • Installed solar panels in two of our stores
  • Continued to convert more lighting to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Implemented programmable digital thermostats
  • Utilized motion sensitive lighting to activate the lights only when needed
  • Incorporated the use of all “green” cleaning products
  • Converted all outside lights to be on timers; shutting most off when not necessary
  • Recycled products including napkins, paper towels and printing paper

Our goal is to minimize solid waste materials sent to landfills and to maximize recycling of usable materials. Each year our distribution centers recycle over 800 tons of materials, including all packaging materials, supplies and even garbage.

Virtually anything that can be recycled is recycled: cardboard, plastic, bedding, paper, wood, Styrofoam, glass, metal and more.

At Levin’s, we are one of the few furniture companies in the country utilizing a Styrofoam densifier machine. All Styrofoam is “densified” and recycled back to the manufacturers. This alone has eliminated over 40 (53’) trailer loads of Styrofoam being disposed of into landfills.

Other “green” initiatives in the Levin’s Distribution Center include:

  • Energy efficient fans throughout the warehouse to reduce HVAC usage/costs
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Conversion to energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures
  • Utilization of fuel efficient delivery vehicles
  • Implementation of programmable digital thermostats
  • Use of “green” cleaning products

Our corporate office leads Levin’s “green” initiative by upholding the effort to recycle, reuse and conserve wherever possible. It is a way of life for Levin’s, where no opportunity to be environmentally conscious is too small.

The Levin’s corporate office has:

  • Incorporated motion sensitive lighting throughout all offices
  • Utilized energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures
  • Installed programmable digital thermostats
  • Introduced hybrid company cars in the corporate fleet
  • Used 100% “green” products for cleaning
  • Implemented full recycling of toner, paper products, plastics and other materials